Leading edge equipment

Our production is flexible to handle both prototypes and medium or large volume manufacturing runs of every type of printed circuit board.

Our flexible production services can accommodate prototyping, medium and large production runs for all types of PC boards. GRM Circuits also performs electrical testing, including impedance testing.

The product range covers:

Single side printed circuit boards

Double side printed circuit boards

Multi-layer PC boards, up to 20 layers

-Blind via

-Buried via

Ball Grid Array (BGA)

Micro BGA

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Gold finger connectors

Electroless gold

Electric test

Controlled impedance measurement

Printed Circuit Board Production stages

Reception of your files by Internet :

This gives you direct access into our computerized system, ensuring greater quality and reliability in the handling of your printed circuit board files and faster turn round.

File Treatment integration for better performance:

The integrated customer file treatment system allows film production as well as drilling and cut out programs to be processed simultaneously as well as fixtures for electrical testing, V Groove programming and programming for the AOI (Automated Optical Inspection). This gives greater performance and quality in the final circuit board. The Photo-laser offers high resolution precision in the production films and ensures high quality tooling right from the start of the production.

The digitally controlled Excellon automated drilling and cut out equipment system (Mark VI) offers a precision of +/- 0.002" on the registration of the drilling hole. The most complex dimensional demands can be satisfied. Furthermore, customer files are used for electrical testing (using Netlist). Automated inspection of the inner layers are done by comparison with Gerber files. Therefore, superior quality inspection is achieved in detecting any circuitry problems.

The direct plating process offers constant quality in the plating thickness through continuous lab control. The use of first generation films and alignment drawers allows improved repeatability and increases the performance at the registration level of the printed circuit. A camera is used to assure a perfect alignment of the inner layers. For vertical development, it allows working with a minimum of +/- 0.004" on trace width. Ultra high quality "Dynapower rectifiers" gives constant voltage and amperage in each bath, thus ensuring uniformity and quality of the plating.

Our laboratory is equipped, amongst other things, with a micro section system, an X Ray machine (type XRT) and a spectrometer. This equipment performs the appropriate controls so that plating quality is optimized.

Etching and silk screening:

Automation of the engraving line and standardization of the "SMOBC" process optimize the application of Photoimageable or SR 1000 solder mask. This ensures critical tolerances for surface mount technology (SMT). Our lamination process, joined to a high precision alignment system for internal and external layers, allows us to produce multi-layers printed circuits boards. The inspection steps done during and after production guarantee the client's printed circuit board specifications and IPC-A-600's latest version. To guarantee the quality of every printed circuit board manufactured, an electrical test ensuring 99.99% circuit conformity with respect to the circuitry, is offered to the client.